Thursday, December 15, 2011

LotRO - Minstrel 101 guide revised

Minstrel 101

What's a Minstrel?
Minstrels are known for their exceptional healing abilities, but are also capable of dealing respectable damage. Their core combat plays out via special Ballads, which is a system introduced with 2011's Rise of Isengard expansion. All playable Free People races may choose the Minstrel as their class.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

LotRO - Draigoch defeated

On October 6th Trucido defeated Draigoch.

Annoula receved the Shoulder Coin.
Ceana received the Helm Coin.
Glias received the Helm Coin.
Thasal received the Dragon Scale.

Congratulations to all involved.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The best threads on the LOTRO Forums

Show us your favorite cosmetic outfit
This thread is CLASSIC. It never drops more than a page down on the General Discussion forum because it is full of Awesome and Win. In this thread you can find people expressing their creativity through designing great outfits for their characters. I check this one every time I visit the forum for new posts.

The Demotivation of the Ring
Hands down, this is the FUNNIEST thread on the forums. I know the first poster has broken links, but another poster has taken up the mantle. Kheld creates incredibly funny game parodies using screencaps of the movies. OMG, I literally CRIED with laughter over the Skirmish one!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Damoane and Annoula have done it again!

My kinship is the bestest ever. Check out our new video!

I'm sad to see that one of my major scenes was cut (I played a dead body, yay!), but you can totally see Narlinde in the background of one scene with my epic purple shield of doom and in another scene I'm playing my harp while pretending to be a ninja in the Disease wing boss fight. YAY!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shadow Boxer

Durin's Bane scored a hit with Succumb to Your Fears on Malondwe for 6,495 Shadow damage to Morale.

Wow. Talk about a critical hit! Lore Masters don't take that kind of punishment.

Tonight's round of strategy sessions yielded more data, and were having lots of fun analyzing the challenging game mechanics of Durin's Bane, Fear Wing Tier 2.

I have so much more respect for Gandalf now! AND... he didn't exploit.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Breaking News!

News Flash! Members of Trucido kinship break away from Ost Dunhoth activities to tackle familiar ground - The Lieutenant of Barad Guldur! (Remember him and his big, green chicken?)

Ok I'm being facetious. Trucido runs lots of stuph all the time. Its just that the crew has been having so much fun running through OD, tackling tier 2 content and testing itself against the odds with various groupings of players, that the phrase "raid night" creates an antiphonal response in Vent: "Which wing?"



See what I mean?



I have to say, its a true testament to the fine production from the guys and gals at Turbine. This raid, as well as the newest instance cluster as a whole, have such high replayability that Trucido has done naught else since the day it hit the general server population. Hyperbole? A bit... but its been a blast! And that's no exaggeration.

This brings to mind Joe Barry's dev diary in early March of this year:

My guiding focus with this raid was twofold. First, I wanted to make fights that are challenging and require a lot of communication and coordination (both within members of the raid, and also the two groups that make up the raid). That's what sets a raid apart from landscape quests and even most group content. You can't be 12 people running around doing whatever. You have to be a unit and act with a cohesive plan where everyone is doing their job. This allows your dozen organized characters to perform better than an unorganized group twice your size.

As it turns out, Ost Dunhoth and the rest of the new instance content is just what JB said it would be: A stand out challenge that pushes the limits of group communication and coordination.

Good job, Turbine Dev Team. Trucido will be haunting OD for the foreseeable future.

Friday, April 22, 2011

#TrucidoKinsip raids #OstDunhoth

It was a cold, windy night (at least out my window it was :-D) as 12 brave souls of Trucido entered the long abandoned Gondorian fortress of Ost Dunhoth, within the Lich Bluffs of Enedwaith, searching for the mighty Gaunt-lord, Gortheron Doom-caller.

--- One Month Ago ---
Thasal Drey the Selfless, Champion of the men of Dale, High Marshall of Trucido, met with Torthonn to discuss the horrors laying claim to the ruins. Seeking out and eradicating them is no easy task for even the most stout adventurer. Days and long, sleepless nights were lost as many heated discussions and debates with the Grey Company ensued.

First and foremost, fellowships had to endure and overcome the resurrected brothers that Gortheron sent throughout Eriador. The steadfast hobbits of the Shire entered the Northcotton Farms to bring delicious, tasty pies and slap happy times to their brethren, who were bewitched by the poisonous cauldron of Thadúr the Ravager. Bree's proud men marched to Stoneheight, pledging to rid the Annúndiran town of the evil forces gathered by Ivar Bloodhound. Rivendell called to her kinfolk of the Galadhrim and Malledhrim requesting assistance from their mystical blades and bows, to pierce the darkness shrouding the abandoned Lost Temple and dispell the foul sickness conjured by Ferndúr the Virulent. Finally, the headstrong dwarves stopped, dropped, and rolled (hey it is a Petroc sighting :-P) to the Glacier Fortress to make snowcones out of Drugoth Death-monger and his wight minions.

For a short time, the residents of Middle-Earth could rest in peace, knowing the resurrected Gaunt-lords plaguing the lands of Eriador had been dealt with. Elrond Halfelven is not so easily swayed. A growing fear has been starting to develop. After speaking with Annoula, Rohirrim Captain, about reports of Ivar Bloodhound's whereabouts, Elrond sent messengers to the far reaches of Middle-Earth to gather their forces at the Last Homely House within the refuge of Imladris.

After pondering the fate of the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth, a strategy was born and it was time to put it to the test. The fellowship headed out, together with Aragorn's kinsmen, to the ruins of Southern Watch, Harndirion, to strike back.

--- Present day ---
Upon entering Ost Dunhoth, Tugonn and the Rangers greeted Thasal and his fellowship. Reconnaissance reports provide four different areas that need to be overcome before reaching Gortheron. To the North-East house the great Gauradan heffalumps, these you can clearly see and they do not seem very happy (to say the least :-)). In the North-West, Doom-caller ensnared two ancient Black Huorns to hinder and obstruct fallen wayfarers with their sticky icky sap. Out of the South-Eastern area, our heroes must face an Ancient Evil that only a mighty Wizard can do alone. Finally the South-Western zone is guarded by the Giant Frothmar.

What destiny is in store for our fated companions?...Tune in next time as we find out what is up with those heffalumps! (^-0)